Za-1 Lab Model Cone Baking Machine:-
Lab Model Cone Baking Machine
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The ZA1 Series is an efficient test baking tong for laboratory scale production of all kinds of ice cream cones, cups and hollow wafers. They are characterized by the highest standards in precision, operating ease and utmost durability. They are easy to use and robust.
Production Information
Heating System
These Machines are supplied only with electrical heating. They are mainly used as a laboratory equipment, for the purpose of product development. The temperatures for the upper and lower plates can be adjusted by means of a thermostat. Baking Moulds The baking moulds are manufactured from a very special quality cast alloy to ensure dimensional stability and a homogeneous anddense surface to enable excellent thermal stability and conductivity.
The moulds are opened and closed by levels. The moulds are provided with a special closing device. After the heating, the cones are automatically ejected into a container below, when the lower mould is opened. These machines can be operated by any person with ease.
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