Wafer Designing Guide
Wafer Designing die
Wafer Design Selection
Our working experience in the selection of the casting process and alloying constituents proves us to be ideal partners for the design and manufacture of wafer products.
Wafer Design Selection Form
The brochure form below is intended to illustrate a selection of the many wafer product samples that we have.
1.Fine Pattern to Deep Pattern
2.Shaped Wafers (bars, balls, shells)
3.Wafers with Special engraving (acc. to customers requirements)
The following designs would be an indicative guide for the design plate. We also provide recommendations for preferred pairing if different patterns are required on a wafer sheet.
1.Regular Designs
wafer regular design3.0 x 0.6(90°) wafer regular design3.0 x 0.6(45°) wafer regular design4.0 x 0.6(90°) wafer regular design6.0 x 1.0(45°) wafer regular design8.0 x 2.0(90°)
wafer regular design8.0 x 2.0(60°) wafer regular design10.0 x 2.5(60°) wafer regular design12.0 x 3.0(60°) wafer regular design12.0 x 3.0(45°)
2.Special Designs
wafer Special Designs2.1 Round shell Design wafer Special Designs2.2 Heart Design wafer Special Designs2.3 Canape Design wafer Special Designs2.4 Communion Wafer Design
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Design Requirements
The Dimensions above are as PxD @ Aº
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