Belgian Waffle Baker :-
Belgian Waffle baker machine
Belgian waffle flower shape design Belgian waffle heart shape design Belgian waffle round shape design Belgian waffle Belgian waffle Belgian waffle
Production Information
Batter mixer Belgian Waffle die BW die Belgian Waffle Belgian Waffle
wafer regular designDesign 01(Round) wafer regular designDesign 02(Heart)
Belgian Waffle probably the hottest item in the hospitality business today. Waffle increases desserts sales by 25% to 50%. The Belgian Waffle plates are designed with round or heart shape. We do customize as per clients required designs.
Technical Specifications :
BW - 100
Plate Size: 230 x 230
Electrical : 220v, 1.5 Kw
Capacity : 30 wafs/Hr
Weight : 25 Kgs net
Batter Preparation
Wheat Flour, Sugar,Emulsified Oiland Water make the batter in a couple of minutes.
The initial heating of the plates takes about 15-20 minutes Lightly Brush with Fat. Pouring the batter Pour the batter on the heatedplate and shut it.The baking takes about 45-120* seconds. Remove with the knife Remove the hot waffle sheet. Decorate & Serve As per your imagination. Top 5 reasons for baking fresh Waffle on your premises...
  1.  Make your customer feel good because you take that extra care.
  2.  Nobody can resist their fresh baked AROMA.
  3. They have a taste that is ...WOW!
  4. They help to create a special image for your shop.
  5. They can be made in various sizes and shapes.
Note: We can also offer you customised design of your requested products. Please do send us your requirements or request.
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