Belgian Waffle – Basic Receipe
Belgian Waffle – Basic Receipe
Belgian Waffle
Chocolate Waffles:
Chocolate Waffles
Sl.No. Ingredients Weight
1 Water 500 ml
2 Egg,beaten 2
3 flour 600 gm
4 butter, melted 100 gms
5 Powdered sugar 50~75 gms
  1. Mix water with beaten eggs
  2. Add flour and mix well.
  3. Stir in melted butter
  4. and then add remaining ingredients and mix
  5. Keep aside for 10m for the batter to mature
  6. With a ladle put onto hot waffle iron
  7. Bake in a waffle machine for 3 minutes at 180-2000c
  8. Remove when golden brown
Note: In a cup (200ml) of waffle batter,add a teaspoon of chocolate powder and mix well.
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