Batter Mixer
Mixing machine for wafer & cone battersMP 200
Particularly careful mixing procedure is achieved by the strong vertical currents induced in the batter. Inthe mixer center, the batter is induced to flow in the downward direction; on the periphery, the batter then flows in the upward direction. The Batter Mixer is used for the fully automatic production of batter for feeding one or more Baking Plants either manual/automatic. Consistent batter is required for quality products (cones/wafers). The age of the batter, or the time between mixing and use, has also a marked and effect on the sheet quality. Thus, to insure that the Automatic Wafer Baking Machines are being supplied with batter that is always fresh, it is important to prepare smaller batches at a time.
Mixing machine for wafer & cone battersTM2 (Standard)
Mixing machine for wafer & cone battersTM3 (Standard)
Mixing machine for wafer & cone batters

TM3 Sp (with control panel)
Mixing machine for wafer & cone batters

MP 100
Technical Details
Batter Mixer TM2 TM3 MP 100 MP 200
Tank Capacity 65 lts 95 lts 100 lts 150 lts
Connected load in KW(3 phase) 1.2 2.2 4.5 6.0
Length (mm) 780 900 1625 2000
Width (mm) 780 600 740 1100
Height (mm) 1600 1400 1690 1800
Net Weight (approx) 70kgs 90kgs 200kgs 250kgs
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