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  We are the first Indian manufacturers of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones.
Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is India’s foremost manufacturer of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones. We are located in Hyderabad India.



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Ice Cream Cone Machine Wafer Biscuit Machine
Rolled Cone Machine Supporting Equipment


R&D english catlog


R&D Engineers General Booklet

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English 4.16mb
Farsi 624 kb
Italian 770 kb
Russian 658 kb
Spanish 785 kb


Ice Cream Cone Machine


samples ice cream cone shapes Cone Machines (Machines for Ice Cream Cone) Size
1. ZAW zaw pdf 'ZAW' Automatic Cone Baking Machine 256 kb
2. ZE ze pdf  ZE- Semi Automatic Cone Baking Machine 332 kb
3. ZA-1 ZA-1 pdf ZA-1 Cone Machine Lab Model 383 kb
4. Cone Guide cone design pdf Cone Designs Selection Chart 392 kb


Wafer Biscuit Machine


Wafer Baking Machine - Working Procedure Size
1. WA wa pdf 'WA-Series Wafer Biscuit Plant 424 kb
2. SW_Swift sw pdf  SW Swift Series 322 kb
3. Swift Swift pdf Swift Wafer biscuit Line 1.5 mb
4. ZWT ZWT pdf  ZWT- Series Wafer Biscuit Plants 336 kb
5. Wafer Guide wafer design pdf Wafer Designs Selection Guide 184 kb


Manual Wafer Machines Size
1. WT wt pdf Manual Wafer Biscuit Machine. 321 kb
2. WT-1 wt-1 pdf  Manual Wafer Biscuit Plant 302 kb
3. WT-1 SPL wt-1 spl pdf  "Special" Manual Wafer Biscuit Machine 300 kb
4. WT-Church wt-church pdf WT-Church Wafer 336 kb


RS Series


RS-Series Size
1. RS-Cup rs-cup pdf "RS" Series Baking Oven 348 kb
2. RS-Cone rs-cone pdf    "Rs Series" Rolled Sugar Cone Machine 352 kb
3. RS-SPL RS Series Special products  "RS Series" Special Product 414 kb
4. TT Series TT Series Waffle Baking Machine "TT Series" Waffle Baking Machine 471 kb


  RS Attachments Size
1. RS-PS Tube Rolling Station Tube Rolling Station 356 kb
2. RS-PM RS- Punching Machine RS- Punching Machine 224 kb
3. RSCM - 101 RSCM - 101   Rolled Sugar Cone Machine 101 393 kb
4. RSCM - 102 RSCM - 102  Rolled Sugar Cone Machine 102 241 kb
5. BW - 100 BW - 100 Belgian Waffle Bakers 406 kb


Supporting Equipment


1. BC-5 & BC-10 BC-5 & BC-10 BC- Series Wafer Book Cooling Machine 400 kb
2. CR-5 Single Head CR-5 Single Head CR-5 Automatic Wafer Cream Spreading Machine 378 kb
3. CR-5 Double Head CR-5 Double Head CR-5 Double Head Wafer Cream Spreading Machine 371 kb
4. CR-6 CR-6 CR-6 Automatic Wafer Cream Spreading Machine 349 kb
5. Batter Mixer Batter Mixer Wafer Batter Mixers / Plants 322 kb
6. MP-100 & 200 MP 100 & 200 Wafer Batter Mixers 335 kb
7. TO-4 TO-4 TO- 4 Conveyor 360 kb
8. TO-5 TO-5  TO- 5 Conveyor 332 kb
9. SC-2 SC-2 SC Wafer Sheet Cooling Machine 416 kb
10. SC-6 SC-6 SC-6 Wafer Sheet Coolinf Machine 354 kb
11. WTD WTD Wafer Tunning Device 292 kb
12. WFD- II WFD- II Wafer Distribution Device 336 kb
13. WC-4 WC-4 WC-4 Wafer Cutting Machine 308 kb
14. WC-5 WC-5 WC-5 Wafer Cutting Machine 316 kb
15. WCM WCM Wafer Cutting Apparatus 284 kb




1. ZAW Technical 80 kb