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  We are the first Indian manufacturers of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones.
Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is India’s foremost manufacturer of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones. We are located in Hyderabad India.
Wafer Cutting Machine

Wafer Cutting Machine - (WC5) :-


These machine take over the cooled-down wafer blocks coming from the cooling device or creaming machine and cut them into required number of blocks. These are used for cutting flat and the Hollow Wafers filled with cream. In the cutting operation the first cut is made through the width of the stack, and the second cut is a longitudinal one. Fixed and tensioned cutting wires in removable frames are used to cut the wafers. Changeover to other cutting sizes is facilitate by quickly by easily changing the cutting frames and pushers.  





WC5 Machine Features

machine is attached with a pneumatic pusher. The wafer books coming from the Book Cooler are fed to the cutting machine through intermediate conveyor where in first the pneumatic pusher allows the wafer book to feed them at first and simultaneously a gentle press is applied for a gentle press required for the stack wafer books at the process.


Technical Data :


Machine Variables WC 5 WC 6
Size of plate (in mm approx) 290 X 460
Stack height (in mm) 70 70
Minimum cutting width (in mm) 18 18
Cutting wire (spring steel) (in mm) 0.5 0.5
Connected Load (in kw) 1.5 3.0
For pneumatic pusher air supply is required upto 5-7 kg/cm2
Length 2400 4300
Width 1700 1700
Height 1200 1200
Net Weight (in kgs) (approx ) 480 620
Shipping Volume (CBM) 4.5 10

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