Q.Can a single machine make different kinds (sizes) of cones ?
A.One machine produces only one type of cone. However, machines are modular and can accept another dye set.
Q.Will people be trained in working , maintenance and recipe know-how ?
A.Yes, training is provided at the factory in Hyderabad.
Q.What are the number of cones that can be made at a time?
A.The number of cones, depends on the size and weight of the cones to be produced. The baking cycle will also influence the output.
Q.What are the requirements of the plant ?
A.One operator, one packing person, electricity connected load of 10 KW and above 200 sq ft for production operation .
Q.What is the warranty period of the machine ?
A.The warranty period is one year excluding electricals.
Q.What are the supporting equipment required to run the plant successfully?
A.The supporting equipment required is the batter mixer ,to produce the liquid batter.
Q.Is procurement of raw material required for the manufacture of cones?
A.Yes , the raw material required is easily available in any city ,town or state ,where a bakery operates. The main ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable fat, baking powder and maize starch.
Q.Can the machine make moulded sugar cones ?
A.Yes, the machine can make moulded sugar cones .The design of the cone will decide the percentage of sugar that should be added for the batter .
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