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  We are the first Indian manufacturers of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones.
Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is India’s foremost manufacturer of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones. We are located in Hyderabad India.
Wafer Sheet Cooler

Sheet Cooler Series - (SC):-


Gentle delivery of the wafer sheets via a guide to the conveyor belt.Brushes for removing the "baking pearls". Waste container for the baking pearls.
Cyclically controlled chain of bows for lifting the wafer sheets in tranverse position. Efficient cooling and stress-relieving in the ambient air due to a constant dwell period of the sheets in the machine.Easy removal of the stack of wafers from the buffer unit (optional)Gentle delivery of the wafers onto the following creaming machineEasy access for the purpose of cleaning and maintenanceContact parts of the products are made of stainless steel construction .The wafers are passed for following processing to either a creamer or an intermediate container integrated in the machine. (optional)
The device SC machine is electrically operated and controlled by the automatic baking machine and the creamer respectively.
Depending on the size of the wafer sheet we have a series of Sheet Cooling Machines.
Sheet Cooler Sheet Cooler Sheet Cooler Sheet Cooler






Technical Data :


Different Sizes of wafer sheet in mm SC2 - 290 X 460
SC3 - 350 X 470   
Effective number of bows 35 - 40 (approx.)
Time for cooling and stress relieving 2 1/2 minutes (min)
Connected load  0.5 Kw
Voltage* & Frequency* 3 Ph, 415 V, 50 Hz, + std.
Length 2700 mm
Width (changes with the sheet size) 820-1020 mm
Height up to the upper edge of the wafer sheet 1900mm
Shipping Volume 5.5 CBM
Net Weight 210 Kg
Gross Weight (300 Kgs)

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