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  We are the first Indian manufacturers of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones.
Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is India’s foremost manufacturer of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones. We are located in Hyderabad India.

Wafer Sheet Cooler - SC Series (SC-6):-


Sheet Cooler SC6


















Sheet Coolers are used to cool the baked wafer sheets in ambient air. The baked wafer sheets enter the arch sheet cooler where uniform cooling & stress relieving takes place.They are then fed to the creaming machine for further process.

Wafer Sheets up to a size of 470 x 350 mm can be handled by these type of arch coolers and can be custom designed as per client’s requirement. The wafer sheet cooler is designed in the form of an arch so that operator can supervise several machines and move from one to other with out hindrance.
The wafer sheets are fed into pairs of metallic wire brackets which are positioned to each other. The wire brackets are fastened to a pair of endless roller chains forming an endless chain of holders. Sensing device notes when a sheet has been placed in a bracket and signals the motor to advance the chain one step so that an empty.

The carrier brackets, guide plates, and all other components of the unit coming into contact with the product are fabricated from stainless steel. Wear-resistant plastic rails are used to guide the carrier chain.The cooler is fabricated from modular components thus allowing the length, width and carrying capacity to be varied easily and as required.


Technical Data :


Different Sizes of wafer sheet in mm     SC6 - 470 X 350
Effective number of bows 100+
Time for cooling and stress relieving 4 m+
Connected load 0.5 Kw
Voltage* & Frequency* 3 Ph, 415V, 50 Hz, + std.
Length 4000 mm
Width (changes with the sheet sizes) 1100 mm
Height up to the upper edge of the Wafer Sheet 2800 mm
Passage Height 1700 mm
Shipping Volume 12 CBM
Net Weight 700 Kgs
Gross Weight 900 Kgs



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