Sheet Cooler Series - (SC)
Wafer Fanning Device
Sheet Cooler is used to cool the sheets after baking. Sheet cooler is electrically operated and controlled by the automatic baking machine and the creamer respectively. Depending on the size of the wafer sheet we have a series of Sheet Cooler Machines. Gentle delivery of the wafer sheets is done via a guide to the conveyor belt. Rotating soft brushes remove the “baking pearls”. There is a waste container for the baking pearls cyclically controlled chain of bows is provided for lifting the wafer sheets in traverse position. There is a efficient cooling and stress-relieving in the ambient air due to a constant dwell period of the sheets in the machine.
Stacked wafers can be easily removed from the buffer unit (optional). The sheets are delivered gently onto the following creaming machine. There is an easy access for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. Contact parts of the products are made of stainless steel construction.
The wafers are passed for following processing to either a creamer or an intermediate container integrated in the machine (optional).

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