FAQs for Rolled Sugar Cone Machine (RSCM) :
Q. Does your RSCM require a 3 phase supply ?
A. No , the RSCM works on single phase 220V supply drawing 1.5 KW load.
Q. Can your waffle machine be used to grill ?
A. No , It is specifically designed to make a thin wafer sheet for rolling only.
Q. What is the standard thickness of the waffle sheet ?
A. The company standard thickness of the waffle sheet is 1.5mm. This thickness is generally used for most applications. It is pre set at the factory . However we can offer other thickness for various specific applications.
Q. What is the shelf life of the cone produced ?
A. The shelf life is generally 3 - 4 days. However a waffle cone is best enjoyed when served fresh.
Q. In how many days can the machine be delivered , once the order is placed ?
A. We generally dispatch the machine within 48 hrs, however 7 days is sufficient for delivery in most cases.
Q. What are the free accessories with the machine ?
A. The free accessories with the machine are-
  • Tool set
  • Hand gloves
  • Nylon cone rolling mandrel
Q. Can different sizes of cone be made with one roller ?
A. Yes . Different length of cones be made with the same roller. However if you choose to make a sundae cone you shall have to use a different cone roller.
Q. How do we make the best recipe ?
A. We send you a recipe book along with the machine. However with a little practice you can make the best variations to suit your customers taste.
Q. Are all the raw materials available locally or do we have to source from you ?
A. All raw materials can be sourced from a bakery supplier in most of the cities and small town.
Q. What if there is a breakdown of the machine ?
A. Any local electricians can attend to the same. The machine has got a very few moving parts .
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