Rolled Sugar Cone
Rolled Sugar Cone Machine(RSCM)Model 101
Single Plate
220v, 1.5 KW
Capacity: 30 cones/Hr
Weight: 20 Kgs net
Rolled sugar cone is probably the most sought after item in the Ice cream business today. Whether its Vanilla or Chocolate with Ice Cream, Yogurt or soft serve, waffle cone increases frozen desserts sales 25% to 50%. To maximize the sales of Ice cream/Sundaes one needs both a great taste in the cone itself plus good aroma to attract people to buy this fresh baked Ice Cream Cone. You'll probably sell twice as many certainly more, when you have the Action and Aroma. The aroma of freshly baked waffle attracts the customers attention immediately. That's the key.
Seven reasons for baking fresh waffle cones on your premises:
No.7. They can be made in various sizes and shapes
No.6.They help to create a special image for your Shop.
No.5. They have a taste that is .. wow!
No.4. No body can resist their fresh baked Aroma
No.3. Unlike pre-made cone they are fresh good.
No.2. They make your customer feel good because they know you care enough to take extra effort to bake fresh cones.
No.1. Profit! Profit! Profit!
Rolled sugar cone machine double plateModel 201
Double Plates
220v, 3.0 KW
Capacity: 60 cones/Hr
Weight: 40 Kgs net
Oval ShapeBatter Preparation RW SeriesPouring the Batter RW Series PlantRemove with a knife RW Series PlantManual Rolling
The initial heating of the plates takes about 10-15 minutes. Set the control to optimum setting. If the desired thickness of the wafer sheet is not indicated, the machine is delivered with standard thickness of 1.5mm. Batter Preparation Maida, sugar, emulsified oil and wager make the batter in a couple of minutes. Pouring the batter Pour the batter on to the heated plate and shut it. The baking takes about 45-120* seconds. *The capacities indicated above are maximum values. The exact capacity depends on the baking time, recipe and cones size. Remove with a knife Remove the hot waffle sheet and roll it on the wooden roller/Nylon Roller. Rolling the cone Wooden/Nylon Roller for manual rolling. Ideal to try new sizes. Versatility Cones are just the beginning - you can shape the fresh warm waffle into edible dishes, baskets or a variety of unique specialty dessert items.
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