Rolled Sugar Cone ( Waffle Cone)
Batter Recipe No.1.3
It is up to the user of the machine to determine the most favourable batter recipe since customer's taste with regards to colour, taste and hardness of sugar cones differ from place to place. Therefore the following recipe should be regarded as a basic recipe.
Sl.No. Ingredients %
1 Light wheat flour (Bread Flour) 100%
2 Powdered sugar 40%
3 Liquid lecithin 1%
4 Double refined oil 10%
5 Salt 0.2%
6 Flavoring substance
(i.e. Powdered Vanilla)
7 Colouring substance
(Liquid Caramel)
8 Water 100%
Note : All ingredients are based on percentage points of wheat flavor weight
Mix all dry ingredients; add water and mix thoroughly with a suitable mixer (Egg beater) on low speed until the batter is "smooth". Then add double refined oil . If liquid lecithin is used, pre-mix it thoroughly with the oil or before adding to the other ingredients.
Illustration :
Batter Preparation
Batter Preparation
Wheat Flour, Sugar, Emulsified Oil and Water make the batter in couple of minutes
Pouring of Batter
Pouring of Batter
Pour batter on the heated plate and shut it. The baking takes about 45-120* seconds
Remove with the Knife
Remove with the Knife
Remove the hot waffle sheet and roll it on the Wooden roller or Nylon roller
Manual Rolling
Manual Rolling
Wooden roller for manual rolling. Ideal to try new sizes
waffle cone
Display for presentation to customers
Recipe (Notes) :
  1. The recipe determines :-
  2. The hardness of the wafer sheet and
  3. Also determines how strong the cone rim is.
* Viscid batter (with less water) and a reduction of oil or fat results in a hard and less breakable cone.
* If the share of sugar is reduced or if the quantity lecithin is increased the product hardens quicker during the rolling process.
* If eggs are added to the batter, the wafer (waffle) product will become more spongy and its taste will be improved .Do not use more than 2 eggs per Kg of flour.
1. Ready mixed batter might go bad within 1-2 hours after mixing and can no longer be used. This is especially the case if the outdoor temperature is high. So prepare batter as per immediate requirement.
2.Finished Cone:-
This will produce 1 kg of finished cones.
Regular cone size: 25g, Sundae cone = 35g approx., Cup/Bowl = 50 gms.
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