Special Design Cones
We at R&D Engineers work together to make it possible for customers to manufacture ice cream cones exactly the way they want to.
Our design, development & manufacturing teams ensure that our customers can always respond swiftly to the rapidly changing demands of markets and consumers throughout the world.
Our company is always seeking to extend the scope of what can be done, as well as constantly doing everything better.

R&D Engineers opens the door to profitable opportunities by matching the equipment to both present and future tasks.
By building in maximum efficiency and flexibility right from the drawing board.
By supplying new technologies, equipment and Dies features that are easy to retrofit to existing equipment.
We put the best ideas into practice to ensure that ice cream cone manufacturers can turn their ideas into new products, new processes and new ways of making & shaping ice cream cones.

Flower coneFlower cone
CAD Development
Flower cone
Model Development
Flower cone
Engraving Details
Flower cone
Die Block / Machining
Flower cone
Engraving Machining
Flower cone
Actual Die Images
Flower cone
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