Kwality Wall's Cornetto Frozen Ice Cream
HLL was looking for an organization that could meet its specific requirements and provide them with top quality cone manufacturing equipment to manufacture high density cones for its Kwality Wall's Cornetto Frozen Ice Cream's range.

With a constant endeavour for product development and strong research capability we gave HLL the complete solution to meet their requirements.

We not only provided top class machines but also developed the process for HLL to manufacture top quality high density cones with high moisture guard capacity that would keep the cone fresh and crisp even when stored in deep freezers.

We also helped HLL gain cost efficiency and higher profitability by bringing down the cost of product to almost half and the capital requirement to 1/10th when compared to capital required with any other cone manufacturing equipment.

Today R&D Engineers is the only approved Indian cone machine supplier for the Kwality Wall's Cornetto providing machines for all their majors centres across India.
Kwality Wall's Cornetto Frozen Ice Cream
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