Innovative High Density “Biscuit” Cup manufacturing Process for hot tea & coffee
Circular Design - Our Clients Story - Edco India

“Businesses can no longer ignore the cost of the traditional ‘take, make, dispose’ model, both to the Earth and to their bottom line,”
Designers are traditionally part of the linear economy–creating products from raw materials that would eventually end up in a landfill.
But they’re beginning to consider the entire system and design products with materials that can be used in closed loops. Edco India is a start up (in 2018), specifically targeting edible container market as a part of its social initiative of circular design and launching innovative & unique new products in India.
Edco was looking for an organization that could meet its specific requirements and serving provide them with top quality manufacturing equipment to manufacture high density “biscuit” cups for hot tea & coffee beverage.
With a constant endeavor for new product development and strong research capability,
We gave Edco the complete solution to meet their requirement.
We not only provided top class machines but also developed the process for Edco to manufacture top quality high density cups with high moisture guard capacity that would keep the cups fresh and crispy even after the hot drink was consumed.
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Today R&D Engineers is the only “Biscuit” cup solution provider in India.
Would you like to be part of your ideas for the edco-friendly future..
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