AW Series - Automatic Wafer Baking Machine
Automatic Wafer Baking Machine AW Series
WA Series of Wafer Biscuit Baking Machine Sheet cooler WA Series of Wafer Biscuit Baking Machine WA Series of Wafer Biscuit Baking Machine
Compact wafer production machine AW series suitabel for the production of first class quality flat wafers. These machines can be Equipped with 48, 60 & 72 baking plates (tongs) according to the required output. The machine is bulit with a steel frame of rigid construction. An endless chain conveys the baking plates on their carriers through the baking chamber driven by a chain drive infinitely variable in speed through its range.
The standrard size of the baking plates is 500 mm x 350 mm. Also, special size of baking plates can be supplied on request. These baking plates can easily be exchanged ti produce wafers of different designs. The oven can be heated by L.P.Gas or if preferred by Electricity.
The "AW" Series 48/60/72 has an motorized pumping.
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