"ZA" Automatic Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine Features:
Batter Depositor
The depositing head of the Batter Depositor moves at the same speed as the baking moulds and so deposits the liquid batter centrally in the mould engravings.
Cone Ejector
The ejector mandrel, synchronized with the speed of the passing moulds, move in to the loosen the cones from the open baking mould. The cones then drop into the chutes feeding onto the conveyor of the stacking device.
Stripping Device
The cam-operated stripping knife, removes the small lumps of the batter that form on the outside of the moulds at the steam slots during the baking process.
Gas Burners
Our efficiently designed burners ensure uniform heat for even baking characteristics. It also ensures the optimal gas consumption.
ice crean cone za machine
ice crean cone za machine
ice crean cone za machine
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